Our Consulting and Outsourcing Services

We provide clients with a full range of IT and digital business consulting and outsourcing services that will enable companies to achieve high return of investment and become highly competitive in the digital environment. More »

Project Management Methodology

It is our principle to engage with clients from the very beginning and to put forward the value or impact of proposed solution to the over-all business. More »

Our Mission and Goals

InnovaLynx aims to be the preferred and respected provider of IT and digital business consulting and outsourcing services that delivers best value to customers, business partners, shareholders and the community. More »

InnovaLynx offers information analysis tools to help companies develop a comprehensive understanding of the state of client business. More »

InnovaLynx specializes in end-to-end digital business solutions that enable our customers to achieve highly optimized web presence and maximize revenue through online products and services offerings. More »

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. More »

With our expert web administrators, we will endeavor to maintain your website fully functioning and up to date so that you can focus of your core business operations and growth. More »

Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to reach more customers? More »


Empowered by INNOVAtion !

Innovalynx specialises in providing business technology solutions developing highly flexible and cost-effective business applications tailored to your requirements using best-in-class project methodology and framework.  Our value proposition and guiding philosophy are summarised below:


shutterstock_70819276We believe in out-of-the box thinking and continuous improvement and have the necessary skills, experience and passion to ensure we are always looking for better and more effective ways to develop our solutions and execute projects.


We deliver best value to your business by utilising highly skilled information technology professionals from reputable cost effective sources and using a business model that will allow most efficient harnessing of resources.


PRICE SPEED QUALITYWe guarantee that each solution we deliver will meet or exceed your product performance expectations.


We endeavour to complete each project as quickly and efficiently as possible and execute our support and development activities with no time wasted and made available to you whenever and wherever you need them ensuring  proactive communication with stakeholders.

shutterstock_161743676Automate your manual processes to improve better customer service, reduce costs and errors.


interlynxlogo1-300x132v2Logistics & Distribution Management System can help you manage, monitor and track over van and warehouse operations.  With real-time and accurate inventory data, your management team can monitor Van routing of delivery of goods, your warehouse professionals save time locating items or performing physical inventories.van and warehouse operations.

 Cloud based technology solution 

amazonInnovalynx is a registered partner of Amazon aws cloud solution.  Take your business to the future – agile, fast time-to-market and low cost IT solution. For free consultation. 

Fiesta Hospitality Management System: Innovalynx is the local distributor for the best integrated and cost-effective Fiesta Hotel Management Systems solutions in Australia.  Download: Fiesta HMS Brochure